You know that feeling when you look at the street at 5 PM and is still daytime and it seems that some sun rays are still lost somewhere on the horizon? Well, that is the feeling that brings back the hope that spring will not take much to arrive, especially on a sunny day like this.

Although not too long and not too hot, these days are the best to plan and make those small trips to enjoy the good air and maybe rediscover some old new things.

The curiosities that we’ll speak about here today are, for some of us, realities that pass by underestimated daily. For residents of the northern capital of Portugal especially dedicated – The list of the top ten places to visit in Porto.

Starting with Douro River, which during its long journey has more than enough fantastic places to be enjoyed. From the vineyards to the bridges, from the river beaches to restaurants with unforgettable regional treasures. We should not even consider this as one place alone, but lets not get lost.

Here are some quick ones: Dom Luis Bridge, Bolsa Palace, House of Music (Casa da Musica), Clerigos Tower, St. Francis Church, Lello & Irmão library, São Bento da Vitória Church, Episcopal Palace of Porto and many many others. Do not forget also the fabulous Sea Life Center, have you visited? If not, then save few hours of your free time and be a tourist in your own city or in new one, because even if that habitual landscape that has become so monotonous, all we know is that without these places this city would not have the same magic touch.

And since you are going for a walk be sure to stop by on so well neighbored Soares dos Reis garden and visit our store.

Keep on Eco.